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I need some advice or guidance on the following issue:

A file (extension .xyz) with several data, including a Sprite Atlas, is being parsed and processed to generate the assets ready to use in Godot using the import system using an import plugin I developed.
The import process executes with no errors, and the Sprite Atlas is saved as an ImageTexture resource and correctly referenced in the imported file. I can use the asset with no issues.
Considering the original image is "imgProject.png" when I update the '.xyz' file in the external editor, the reimport process presents me with the following errors and warnings:
ERROR: BUG: File queued for import, but can't be imported! at: EditorFileSystem::_reimport_file (editor\editor_file_system.cpp:1724) ERROR: Method failed. at: EditorFileSystem::_reimport_file (editor\editor_file_system.cpp:1725)
ERROR: Condition "!p_keep_state && has_instances" is true. Returned: ERR_ALREADY_IN_USE at: GDScript::reload (modules\gdscript\gdscript.cpp:572)
ERROR: Resource file not found: res://Assets/Resources/Images/ImgProject/spriteSheets/imgProject.png.res::1. at: (core\io\resource_loader.cpp:288) WARNING: Couldn't load resource:res://Assets/Resources/Images/ImgProject/spriteSheets/imgProject.png.res::1 at: ResourceInteractiveLoaderBinary::parse_variant (core\io\resource_format_binary.cpp:298) ERROR: Invalid image at: (scene\resources\texture.cpp:192)

Why are those errors happening? How can I find out the causes?
Upon reimport, I'm aiming to update the asset's result already on a scene. I assumed updating the resource file would automatically update the results on the screen.

Godot version 3.5
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