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I want to spawn enemies randomly and according to what checked the most popular way to do it is to instantiate a scene and using the Add_child.
But, this method only takes node as an argument , and not packed .
how do I solve this?

And another questiob
To what I know,var is only useable inside the Ready function how can use these variables outside the ready func

thx in advance

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While I don't use C#, in gdscript you would call .instance() on the PackedScene, which returns a node that you can add as a child.

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Tried it, But didnt work

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As already answered, you should first instance your packed scene.
For example:

PackedScene scene = GetSceneFromSomewhere();
var node = scene.Instantiate();
AddChild(node); // assuming you want to add it to the current node
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