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I have a few audiostreamplayers that play background music and sfx.
They work on desktop, but not in browser for some reason.

Godot version 3.4.5
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What sound file format are you using and what web browser are you viewing Godot on?

Not all browsers support all types of sound. For instance, Chrome supports most formats but for example, Safari and IE (RIP) support AAC but not Ogg while Firefox and Opera support Ogg but not AAC. Godot Desktop will always play this because it already has drivers for Ogg and MP3 (and your cpu probably does too) and other formats but i think the broswer version is ultimately at the mercy of the limits of whatever internet browser is displaying it.

Try a different file format? Ogg Vorbis is usually a winner and quite low on the memory space without a huge loss of quality. You can download Audacity, a free converter to change the file types quite quickly.

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