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I figured out that having my nintendo switch pro controller connected via USB caused the currently selected UI element to be hit again every frame. Is this a known issue? Is my controller subtly broken somehow?

I do these steps:

  • Open the project manager
  • Click new project, choose OpenGL ES 2.0, create.
  • Under "Create Root Node" I select "User Interface". This gives me a scene with just a "Control" as the root node.
  • Create a child node of that root Control, choosing CheckButton.
  • Click scene -> save scene.
  • Click play, then click "select current" when asked what scene should be used.
  • Click the CheckButton once.
  • Watch it toggle once a frame.

This is not what I expect. I'd like it to work like a normal on/off switch. If I put it in a ButtonGroup I can toggle it on but it gets stuck there, and I don't want it to be mutually exclusive with other buttons.

Am I misunderstanding how CheckButton/CheckBox works? What am I doing wrong?

I found a "Main Menu" sample project that uses a CheckBox (and opengl 3) and it does the same thing.

I'm on Windows 10 Home 64 bit, i7, 16 GB ram.

Godot version v3.5.stable.official [991b6ac7]
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