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I wanted to know, How to check if my player is inside an object?
I already searched in videos, poster here but I did not find anything.
I can only check if it has entered an object but not if it is inside.

Can someone help me please?

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I have to assume you're talking about areas and their enter and exit signals.

Areas have a method called overlaps_body(body)

You can check for that, though on the first frame of the game running, it won't detect anything. Assuming you have an area setup and a body to reference: Here's a simple example.

extends Area2D

onready var body = get_parent().get_node("KinematicBody2D")

func _ready():

func _fixed_process(delta):

    if(overlaps_body(body)): set_fixed_process(false)

Another method is tracking state with a flag. Though it may not lend itself to a very scalable design.

var is_inside_object = false

When an object enters, flag it as inside, when it exits, flag it false.

As long as it has not signal as exited, it should be inside.

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Thank you so much,
I made a project for anyone who wants to use. :)


You're welcome. ^_^

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Well, i had a similar need, wanted to make a bullet, which, when hits the body(enters its area), it subtracts HP and queue_free it self
i did that by first referencing script

var danger = preload("res://bullet_scene.gd")

(which is a script for bullets and slashes and such..)

then you add a Area2D script to first object, add a 2D collision shape IN that Area2D same for 2nd object

and add signal to the script, like ...

func_on_www_area_enter( area ):
    print("entered area!")

I found that for bullets at least, you shouldnt use kinematicbody nor physics one(with separate collision node as well), cuz then it wont work well with detection when speed get high

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This only check if the player entered, not if is inside or not.
Anyway thanks for answering me :D

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