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Is there any way I can get the real size of a Control node on screen?

My stretch mode is 2d/expand. I've tried Node.get_global_rect().size and Control.size, but both of their results didn't change although I resized the window. The results are relative to the window size set in project configuration instead of their real size on screen.

I need the real size of a node on screen since my shaders depend on the screen resolution.

Godot version 3.3.4.stable
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Solved with the help of @nitricswight. One can just compare the current window size with the size in ProjectSettings to obtain the strech scale.

var screen_size = get_tree().get_root().size var set_width = ProjectSettings.get("display/window/size/width") var set_height = ProjectSettings.get("display/window/size/height") var real_size = size * screen_size / Vector2(set_width, set_height)

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