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I want to implement tags, that are descriptors that will allow me to do boolean logic.

Ideally, they would look like this (pseudocode):


And, ideally, this data structure should be available globally, so you could type something like this with autocompletion or at least some type checking:

if player_type == Tags.CharacterType.Wizard:
    remove_all_tags_children_of( Tags.Buffs ) 

I've tried two approaches so far.
- One was to use strings to define the tags, but this was a lot of work, and error prone while typing.
- The other was to use custom, empty classes and subclasses, and this would be perfect... if it was implemented in Godot 3.x. At the moment class_name and other custom classes simply aren't recognized as such, and you can't modify ClassDB to include them.

Any ideas on this? Perhaps there's a simpler way that I'm missing? TY!

Godot version 3.5
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This may be a bit of a hack, but how I would do it. There are a lot of possible integers and I want to spend as little time as possible maintaining the tags:

enum Tags {

func is_a(group, thing):
     return thing > group and thing < group + 100

if is_a(Tags.CLASS, Tags.WIZARD):....

You mileage may vary.

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wow man, this is awesome, I need to try it too :)

You're welcome!


I ended up using similar to this. Nested const enums. Behold:

const Class = {
    Warrior = {},
    Wizard = {
        RedMage = {}

With some helper functions I have total control over the tags. I keep the tree hierarchy and the code completion, and can write stuff like remove_all(Tags.States.Defuffs).
The downside: It's hard to debug. I had to write a function to translate a tag-path into a string.

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class_name can be checked for using iskeyword

if player is Wizard :
       for child in player.get_node("buffs").get_children():
              if child is SpeedBuff or child is DamageBuff:
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Thank you! Already tried that, but it won't work as of version 3.5.
Godot doesn't treat custom 'classes' as real classes and even if you override is_class and get_class for every single class, it fails to recognize inheritance and the like.

You probably use class_name, but in case you don't...

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