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I'm trying to create a special plugin node, and I have to show special options on the upper dock of the Editor so I can edit some of its features - something like the Path node, that adds some buttons on the Dock container to edit the path visually. Part of the question was answered here; problem is, I'm not able to make the added dock "disappear" when I don't click any node. The best I can do is to make the dock disappear only when I click another node that is not the node I'm adding with the plugin ("GodotTAN") - but when I click on an empty space (usually to "reset" the selected node), the dock is still there (the "handles" method only works when a node is selected by the user).

func edit(object):
    current_object = object

func handles(object):
    return object extends GodotTANScript

I also tried some variations using forwardinputevent, but with no success. Is there a proper solution to this?

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I made a quickfix using forwardinputevent(); problem is there is some lag between the dock hiding/showing. I'm looking for a more elegant solution than this:

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