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Hello everyone. Yeah, my problem is whenever I run a scene, the engine is giving me an error.

 Parent node is busy setting up children, add_node() failed. Consider using call_deferred("add_child", child) instead.

I know what this means, but what I don't get is, I'm not adding anything using "addnode()" or "addchild()" to my scene. My _ready() function is completely empty. So why is it still showing errors. Seriously like, where is the problem?

Godot version 3.4.4
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Does the root node have any children that have complicated configurations or scripts?

Sry for the late reply.

"Does the root node have any children that have complicated configurations or scripts?"

Umm not exactly. Just a colorRect, control and some buttons inside the control. And the functions only work when I press a button. So no complicated stuff. Hope this helps.

Do the ColorRect, buttons, and other controls implement the _ready() function? Do the buttons do something when they're clicked, i.e. are functions connected with the buttons?

Currently there are 3 buttons, play, options and quit. So when I press the play button it will start the game, when I hit options it shows me the settings, and pressing quit will quit the game. So yeah functions connected with the buttons with the help of signals.

I'm starting to run out of options.

Is there a script autoloaded?

To find the culprit, you could try to comment out blocks of code until the problem disappears. Otherwise, I'm happy to take a look if the project is available for inspection...

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