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I wanted to make a 2d platformer so I decide to take a look at the themo project 2d/platformer_dcc, but when I run it I found a behaviour I don't quite get:

If you press i.e left + up to jump left and keep them pressed, and then spacebar to try to shoot, nothing happens. The same happens for any same combination of left / up / down / spacebar, but if one of the keys is right, everything works as expected.

Is it supposed to work like that? And how can I avoid it?

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Limitation of your hardware or your code. Paste your code handling that ?

There's no "my" code, it's just the demo project as it is.


There's nothing wrong with the code, it works just fine when I tested it. The player shoots when the 2+ direction keys are held and space is pressed. It seems like your OS/hardware may be limiting the input processing to only 2 keys.

It runs fine on Win7/10. What's your OS/hardware?

Desktop is W10, AMD FX-6300, M5A9 EVO R2.0 and AMD Radeon R9 200 Series.

I tried also in a Thinkpad 13 with W10an also had the same problem, but just with left-up-spacebar.

I guess it is a HW problem that can't be prevented?

This is a serious limitations, try to update your OS... who knows...

Hardware limitation may be on the keyboard itself.

You can add more keys to your actions until you find some combination that works, or get another keyboard...

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It's an issue with your keyboard. Cheaper keyboards have keys share some wires, so to prevent accidentally activating an unpressed key by pressing a combination of other keys (ghosting), it just disables conflicting combinations.

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