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I'm have func save game it's working but when I increase more data it'll error because in file save don't have new data.

at first I have only hightscore in savedata and when I add Gold to savedata it'll error
it need to delete save file for run game

var savegame = File.new() 
var save_path = "user://savegame.save" 
var save_data = {
    "HIGHTSCORE": 0,
    "Gold": 0,

func save():    
    save_data["HIGHTSCORE"] = HIGHTSCORE 
    save_data["Gold"] = Gold
    savegame.open(save_path, File.WRITE) 

func read_savegame():
    if not savegame.file_exists(save_path):
    if savegame.file_exists(save_path):
        savegame.open(save_path, File.READ)
        save_data = savegame.get_var() 
        Gold = save_data["Gold"]
        HIGHTSCORE = save_data["HIGHTSCORE"]

func create_save():
    savegame.open(save_path, File.WRITE)
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I barely understood this...

it is normal, that updating saving system will corrupt your saves. If You still want to use old saves, You need to do :

if save_data.has("Gold"):
     Gold = save_data["Gold"]
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OK thank so much. ♥

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