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Hi. I'm trying to make a character blink, and so I've created an AnimationPlayer that has all the same animations as the original one except that the character has its eyes closed. I thought this would be a simple solution because all I would have to do is switch the AnimationTree's anim_player property when the character is blinking.

Unfortunately doing $AnimationTree.anim_player = NodePath("BlinkPlayer") doesn't seem to work... I've tried $AnimationTree.set_animation_player() as well, which doesn't yield any different results.

The resulting warning:

E 0:00:02.239   _process_graph: AnimationTree: no valid AnimationPlayer path set, disabling playback

  <C++ Source>  scene/animation/animation_tree.cpp:762 @ _process_graph()

Is it impossible to change the animation player while the game is running? Should I find a different method to get the player blinking? Thanks!

Godot version 3.3.2.stable.mono.official
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Did you found an solution to this? I'm needing the same right now...

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