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Hye evetone,
Is it possible with a shader to decompose an image into several pieces and then animate them with tween?

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Godot version V 3.4.3
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Animating with tween is not a valid idea, but perhaps You could animate it all using shader ? What Do You want to happen with partialized image ?

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I'm no shader expert, but I don't think your request is possible - at least the animate them with a tween part. However, you could dynamically create a set of new images that are each some smaller portion of an original source image. Then, those new images could be assigned to some appropriate node (maybe a Sprite) which could then be animated via a tween.

The main thing you'd need is the ability to create a new image from a piece of an original image. That's what the Image.blit_rect(...) function does.


So, you'd basically need to:

  • Loop over the original image and extract small pieces into new Image objects via blit_rect().
  • Assign each image to an appropriate node for animation (Sprite for instance)
  • Build a tween to animate the resulting nodes as necessary
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Thank you, I will try. But you get lost pretty quickly with the concepts of Texture, Imagre, TextureImage.

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