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So I'm working on a fast-paced 2D movement shooter with lots of physics interactions such knockback from weapons, explosions, collisions with objects, etc. and I figured I should make the player character a RigidBody despite the finickiness of moving it around so I wouldn't have to code all the physics from scratch. The problem I'm running into now though is that the player keeps getting caught on tiled surfaces, and all of the threads I've read about it have just said to use a KinematicBody instead. I'm new to Godot so aside from this issue I don't know if continuing to use a RigidBody will just cause me more issues in the future, should I bite the bullet and code everything for a KinematicBody instead or would it be better in my case to just find a fix to this problem and continue with the RigidBody player so I can keep the physics?

Godot version v3.4.4-stable
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