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So I want to make collision for my enemies in my game, currently the enemy is KinematicBody2D node with the collision shape node. Also I want alot of them, 100+. The problem is when I hit the enemy, and the enemy get knocked back, if there's another enemy it will act like it is a wall. Like if my knockbcack is huge like 500 meters, and there are 2 enemies with a distance between them around 20 meters. If I knock the first one towards the other with my huge knockback, it will only move 20 meters then collide with the second enemy as if it was a solid wall.

I tried implementing HeartBeast's SoftCollision, BTW he has great series about making games on Godot, but then the enemies started bouncing around when they get hited, and also there was some of them jamed in the crowd.

Can anyone help? Or just even suggest a way to implement this thing?

The thing I am looking for is same as what this game does: https://youtu.be/wgYu6lLi6cE

If you need the game downloads, I got links for it for Android and Windows.

Godot version 3.4.3
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