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Hello guys,

following hierachy:
CanvasLayer (with script), child is a Node2D with Camera2D as its child. The camera is set to current but does not follow the Node2D which position is manipulated in teh script. All other Camera2D setting are default.
Additional Info: Pressing play not even centers the camera on the Node2D object.
PS: I would like to insert a screenshot but somehow this is not possible.

Godot version v3.4.2
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Add to "image"
example: google drive

Thank you, but this doesn't really help.
Even if it shouldn' be nessecary to do this; i added this to my script:

onready var cam = $Camera2D
onready var cursor = $Cursor
func _process(delta):
cam.position.y = cursor.position.y

but it did not change anything.

your code is working. Is there something in the background?

here is everything:
i do not understand why the camera is not following the cursor.

You are quite right. I think there is a place we missed.

You don't even need it like you said.
func _process(delta):
cam.position.y = cursor.position.y

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The root node here must not be a CanvasLayer, it has no transform. Changing it to Control solved it for me.

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