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What's a good tactic for keeping the same project/code base for both a desktop and mobile version of a game?

I have a small board game that is out on desktop, and want to port it to mobile, but I preferably want to stick to the same project so I don't have to port all future updates across.

Currently it runs fine on mobile, but some of the interface elements are a too small to work well, and some are not needed, such as Full Screen option and Exit button. Is there a way I can have it run differently on mobile, to have it rearranges some interface elements, and do some adjustments to make it work better on a small screen?

Godot version Godot 3.4.2
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If you use the


to determine the operating system if it is android you could load either different elements in the scene or different menu scenes to limit the work.

Godot docs on this function are


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