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Hello, fellow Godotters,

I started messing around with portals and rooms yesterday, aiming to optimize my deathmatch maps, but I'm having a hard time getting It to work properly when having interior and outer rooms.

I have the following map:

What I have are separate scenes for each building and its contents, and then a map encapsulating them and outer props.

I tried to follow the tutorial on the Documentation, but it didn't work at all.
I've reached a reasonable result by creating a bunch of separate rooms outside, but this is very time-consuming and not really amusing to do.

In the documentation, (what I've understood at least), they used the main room for outer props, separated from the rest. Essentially, rooms inside rooms. But I couldn't get it to work as well.

What I want is the main room (the entire map), then rooms inside it for A and B mainly. C and D rooms would be a plus. Any suggestions?

Lucas Sene

Godot version 3.4
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Hi! can we see your scene tree? I'm guessing you already have the main outer room in a roomgroup and all the inner rooms in another roomgroup? and the inner roomgroup has a higher priority than the outer roomgroup. Also important to have portals from inside to outside.

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