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So I have this Area2D node called "CoinDetector", and when a coin (StaticBody2D) enters it, it emits the "body entered" signal.
Everything works properly until I set the "monitorable" value in "CoinDetector" to false... Why is this? I really want monitorable turned off, because otherwise it would disrupt some other Area2Ds.
Side note, I've tried messing around physics layers and masks, but it seems no matter what an Area2D will always detect another Area2D, no matter the masks and layers they have. Why?

Godot version v3.4.2.stable.official [45eaa2daf]
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Turning off "monitorable" for an Area2D stops it from, well, monitoring other areas that go through it. Area2D nodes in the same collision layer and mask will detect each other. If an Area2D node is in layer 1 (and only layer 1), it will not be able to detect another Area2D node who's in layer 2.

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