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hello i wish to calculate hrs through delta time for a speedrunuing game im making
but idk how to calculate it

func _process(delta):
time += delta

var mils = fmod(time,1) * 1000
var secs = fmod(time,60)
var mins = fmod(time,60*60)/60
if mins >= 59:
    hr += 1
    mins = 0

time_passage = String( "%02d : %02d : %02d : %04d" % [hr, mins, secs, mils] )
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if mins >= 59:
    hr += 1
    mins = 0

doesn't quite make sense... because mins is the remainder of when you divide the time in seconds by 60.
what you want is something like:
hr = floor(time / 60 / 60)
instead of those 3 lines

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