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I have a script where I generate some MeshInstance's when _ready() is called.
In the same script, _process() toggles the visibility of all the MeshInstances on every update.

When I play the game, the Static Memory constantly, indefinitely, and permanently increases!

More details:
+No other memory monitor stats increase.
+Letting it run for an hour resulted in the Godot using 16GB of memory (and climbing).
+Freeing all MeshInstance objects from memory does not lower the Static Memory usage.
+Toggling visibility every second instead of every frame yields the same results, but with a slower increase in Static Memory.

Here is my project file. Please help!

Godot version 3.4.2
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Can You please paste this script here instead ?

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Turns out this was a bug; I opened an issue on the godotengine github and it has already been resolved!

Click here for more details:

The issue is only present when having "Use Bvh" on in the Rendering settings.

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