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I'm building a player inventory, and have a script which is supposed to build a directory by pulling .tres items from an Items folder. However, upon running the game, I'm getting the following errors:

E 0:00:00.408 load_interactive: Cannot open file 'res://Resouces/Items/charcoal.tres'.
E 0:00:00.412 _load: Failed loading resource: res://Resouces/Items/charcoal.tres. Make sure resources have been imported by opening the project in the editor at least once.

Assuming the suggested import problem is the issue, I'm not sure what it means. The resources were created through the editor, and each one has been opened separately at least once to edit variables.

Thanks for your help!

Godot version 3.4
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Spelling mistake : Resouces... is that what your folder is called?

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Well heck - that's it. Too focused on checking capitalization errors & didn't see the missing 'r' :P

Happens all the time! :) glad to help

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