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Hey there.

i'm working on a puzzle game at the moment. i've tried it with texture buttons first, everything worked fine. But now I exported it to android, changed the button type to "Touchscreen Button" and the whole thing is really slow now.

I have 67 buttons in the puzzle scene. I have an animation at the beginning of the scene with a duration of 0.5 seconds. If I run it in godot it actually takes 9 seconds now. in an emulator (MEmu) luckily its much faster but it still doesn't look fluid.

Does anybody know a solution or could answer me whats the difference for godot between a texture button and a touchscreen button? I mean the normal Button node works on touchscreen too, why is this not possible for a texture button?

Thank you very much!

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oh, sorry. the touchscreen buttons were not the problem. their was a problem with the animation. changing the node type messed it up. deleting the animation and make it again worked.

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