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There are some instructions on Godot wiki about exporting to iOS, but they are extremely brief and confusing to someone who has never worked with Xcode. I am trying to export my app to iOS but without success. It is probably caused because of my total unfamiliarity with Xcode and iOS devices.

Does anywhere exist a tutorial for noob like me? Tutorial that describes each step in more details (What am I doing now? What for am I doing this now? What version of Xcode I need to run it? How can I install my "exported" app to iPhone? etc..).

Some more specific questions:

  1. Do I need Xcode and OSX to export an app for iOS? It seems to me, Xcode is only needed to change name, organiazation etc.

  2. "Open the project" in the beginning of exporting for iOS guidelines means open godot_ios.xcodeproj in Xcode, right?

  3. Do we need to compile anything in Xcode or do we just use Xcode for only changing name, etc.?

  4. What does "and run/archive" in Add your project data section mean? Just put it back to zip archive again?

  5. And then what? How can I run it on my iOS test device?

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I found answers on some of my questions. When I will have some time, I will write it here.

I'd love to know what you learned :)

A guide for exporting an existing app (working on Android) to iOS for non-Apple/XCode people would be great if anyone is up to it. I have a MacBook Air with El Capitan and latest XCode installed, etc., followed the Exporting for iOS to a point, then became unsure when the screenshots looked different to what I saw in XCode :)

@lukas When?
Please tell about your answers.

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