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Hello everyone :)

I've been searching through the documentation on the website and in engine as well as using Google but I didn't found any answer to my question.

How can I unlock the fps of the engine to go higher than 60 fps ? I found the function OS.settargetfps() but it only allows me to go bellow the 60fps cap, never above (or at least it didn't work for me...)
I want to have the ability to unlock fps mostly to see during development process if a new feature or a bug is really affecting the frame rate and to compare the performance of different approchs and it's a problem for me to have the frame rate locked to 60fps :/

Thanks for your answer :D

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Disable Vsync and set target fps to zero

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Hum... I may be dumb but I didn't found how to disable Vsync. I searched in project settings but I found nothing

Your graphics driver is probably forcing V-Sync. This is common on Intel hardware.

If you are using laptopand Microsoft Windows then press right mouse button on your desktop and then select graphic properties then 3d setting and un-tick option "use V-Sync"

Well I guess the question as been answered so I can accept your answer.
Thanks :D

But this is something I don't really understand... When I was coding my own engine (with SFML), the driver was never forcing V-Sync and the framerate was never locked unless explicitly specified. So why is this the case with Godot Engine ? There must be something to do in the engine itself to change that, right ?
(btw, I'm using Xubuntu, not Windows and I could maybe change something in my driver but I would rather use something specific to my game project in order to not affect anything else and have the change carried with the game if I give it to coworkers)

same issue here, using Linux Mint and my FPS is capped by my refresh rate (144) and only in Godot, not anywhere else such as CSGO

Of course it is capped at your refresh rate. If your refresh rate is 144, than the highest fps your screen can display is 144 fps. If the fps goes higher on other games, then that means those games are rendering extra frames that aren't being displayed, which wastes battery, makes no performance difference, and heats up the machine.

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It's easy enough...

Just go to :

Scene -> Project Settings -> General Tab -> Sections -> Application -> Make Sure "Target_FPS" has value 0 and it's un-checked / un-ticked -> Hit Close button


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maybe that works on windows, but it's still capped to my refresh rate on linux

Setting fps cap while V-Sync enabled will still hold fps 60 or lower

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