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I'm trying to implement path-finding into my game. I Looked around for examples and ideas and found XCOM 2 style of RTS type navigation is pretty close to what I need. I'm just need a starting point of how to implement such a system. I think the path is build based on the position of the mouse when you click, and the Characters current position, but the path also takes into consideration the environment/ collidable objects. I know Godot support navmesh but I believe waypoints would work better? Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated.

PS. If you don;t know what XCOM is check it here

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Godot supports navmesh both as props and GridMap blocks, so I guess they will both be taken into consideration when you do pathfinding. You could give it a try, otherwise you can use the AStar API, which allows you to define a more generic set of waypoints in GDScript.

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