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In my inventory system, I need to be able to use the selected item in the hotbar. This is the script I use to get the hotbar's current item.


This normally works but whenever there is not an index for the activeitemslot I use, It crashes. For example, It crashes whenever the only item in the inventory is in the first slot but the active slot is the second. I only need it to run whenever the index actually exists.

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You can use if and in to check if something is in a dictionary. For example

if "godot" in {"godot": "engine"}:

so you can use a line like this to check if it actually exists before you run the code which crashes if it doesnt exist.

FYI you can also check the godot documentation here


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Thank you! I had actually solved it a couple minutes ago by basically using the same line of code you did. I just used the .has function instead.

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