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So, in my project i use VisibilityNotifier (3D) Node, and when i use the signal enter camera and exit camera the camera parameter of the signal is boolean, but according to this it should be an Object not boolean. This is the sreenshot:

The VisibilityNotifier Node
The Script
The error

Godot version: 2.1 official stable
OS: Windows 8.1

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The parameter should be a Camera node, it looks like a bug but I don't see the point of that parameter because it only works with the current camera...

It works per camera, that's the point. So you get who can see you and vice versa.
Also, if you found a bug you should better report it here: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues

@zylann mmm... maybe I just don't understand how it works, if I add many cameras it only notify when appears on the active one (which is trivial to get).

In theory you should not assume only one camera is active, because as soon as you do splitscreen, mirrors or viewports it's no longer true (but that's my opinion). But if you found an inconsistency between the docs and the engine you should report it for clarification.

Oh, right, like one camera per viewport, it works fine that way (except on the boolean thing).

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