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Hi, I'm remembering godot and I have forgot how to share positional data across scenes , I have a sprite3d that always needs to point at the player, and I need the player position for the look_at() function. I cannot use clones and prefer no signals, but can in a pinch. WHAT IS A SIMPLE WORKING METHOD TO SHARE DATA?,

(sorry for the demanding tone of this question)

Godot version 3.4
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You could create a global.tscn scene.

You can add this to the list of autoloaded scenes in the project>Project Settings>Autoload. Once you have this you can add the global position to this scene rather than an individual script within a specific scene and it can be access by any of the other scenes then within the script with Global.YourFunctionOrVariableHere

Hope this gives you what you want.

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Thanks for the useful link

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Yeah you have to use a global.tscn scene for that to get the effect you want here.

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