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For some reason, the reimporting process is slowing than it is in previous versions, the names of each mesh isn't correct and I've also notice some text saying this:

WARNING: GLTF: Legacy scene names are not supported without the RegEx module. Falling back to new names.
     at: _sanitize_scene_name (modules/gltf/gltf_document.cpp:438)

This issue didn't come up in previous versions. Can anybody help me?

Godot version Godot 3.4
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Did you compile a custom editor build where you disabled specific modules? The RegEx module is enabled in official builds (like all other modules).

"Did you compile a custom editor build where you disabled specific modules?"

Nope or at least I won't know if I did; this entire issue is completely new to me. I'm still using a previous version of Godot on my laptop and it doesn't have this issue. Could having both of them on the system at the same time cause the problem?

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Mesh names were changed by default in Godot 3.4. This is a known bug, as they aren't supposed to be changed by default for compatibility reasons.

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