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So let's say that I have a lot of sprites. I want to animate the sprites to hide or show. But in AnimationPlayer we can only animate one object and of course It will be inefficient if I animate every single sprite. So how to animate all the sprite only with a single animation?

Godot version 3.4
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Hmm you should go back to the docs because none of what you said is true.

Infact whole 3D scenes can be animated so what then off 2D sprites?

Sorry my bad. I mean, a track that handle more than one object. Like move from A to B but apply to every sprites without make another track every single sprite

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If I understood correctly: you could add all those sprites to a temporary parent, now by animating the visibility of the parent, all children would have to be hidden.

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Thanks for the answer. But what I need is that the animation run in specific sprites. With hiding the parent it will hide it all. I think the only way is to make the animation with code and share the script to all sprites. I just want to know is it possible to make an animation track than can be applied to more than one object

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