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I have the templates installed in settings, as well as all the NDK,SDK etc that was mentioned in documentation. But i want the game or just scene to run on my phone? how can i make that happen? When i press export or compile with the device, it shows its installing/running, but after 100% nothing happens. No errors either


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I don't understand 100%, but...
Did you fill the Adb, jarsigner, Debug Keystore information at Settings > Android?
Did you turn on USB debugging in developer mode of your device?

is the apk file in the folder you exported it? its not automatically installed on your phone if you just export it. you have to put the apk on your phone and install it on your phone. don't forget to allow apks from third partys before installing.

Good day, Thanks for all the suggestions. I managed to figure it out. It was the jarsigner that was not signed, when creating the keystore. Thanks

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