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Hello there,

I am trying to set a collision detection on one parallax layer, i hope some nice people could help me.

My setup is the following:
I have a scene. The scene instances a ParallaxBackground and the player (RigidBody2D).

The ParallaxBackground has 3 ParallaxLayers (sky, background, floor).

I have drawn a CollisionPolygon2D (on the layer i would like my player to walk on):
ParallaxLayer (floor)

When i run the game the player won't collide with the layer (floor) :-(

How i can do this please or is this possible?

I am not using tiles because the floor is not flat and it is hard to set up tiles so they are not flat.

Thank you in advance.

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Usually the part the player interacts with isn't inside a parallax background, you usually just put "backgrounds" in it. I'm not sure it would work properly otherwise :s

thank you Zylann, we can count on you to share your knowledge, i really appreciate your answer. I found another post regarding a similar question and he did it with Physics2DServer : https://godotengine.org/qa/11189/collisions-across-canvaslayers

I hope i can achieve a result.

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