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According to godot docs:

Rect2 consists of a position, a size, and several utility functions. It is typically used for fast overlap tests.

If it's used for fast overlap tests, when should i use it over something like an area2d or a physics server intersect_shape call?

Godot version 3.3.4
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It is for simpler uses than collision testing. For example check if player is within screen rectangle. Check if enemy is within a square of distance from player. Check if unit is within borders of rectangle drawn by dragging mouse.

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Oh so it's for simple overlap testing.
One last thing is, if I had a large amount of square shapes that I wanted to detect overlapping for, would you recommend using PhysicsServer or Rect2?

I would use collision shapes, geometry or physics querries. Rect2 is only good for detecting single overlapping points with its has() method.

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