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I use an AnimationTree with a state machine for movement.
After seeing this page on AnimationTree Time Scale I wanted to try it out myself for my run animation.

In the editor the Time Scale works as expected but as soon as I start the game through the Godot IDE or as an exported program the run animation is still running with its standard speed of 1 even though it's set to 4 in the editor.
My structure is as follows:

Move(StateMachine) -> Run(BlendSpace2D) -> left/right/up/down(BlendTree) like this:

Unlike the link I provided I do not want to change the speed during runtime. Therefore I thought that setting the Time Scale in the Editor would be enough to also affect the game at runtime.

Do I really have to set the speed from code or do I just use the node wrongly?

EDIT: I just tried out setting the value from code. Then it works as expected. Could this be a bug in the engine where the value from editor is not propagated to the compiled program?

Godot version 3.3.2
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