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Hi everyone,

I have a function instancing a scene with a tween-animation:

func add_that_instanced_scene():

    var scene_with_tween = preload("res://general-stuff/TheScene.tscn").instance()


So there is only a sprite within that instanced scene which is being animated by a tween, starting the animation the moment it's added. It queue_free()s itself at the end of the animation.

I'm trying to find a way to „interrupt“ that animation, basically „cancelling“ the instance early under certain circumstances, say on a certain button press for example. Is it possible to „manually queue_free“ an instanced scene while it's „still running“?

Godot version 3.3
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Tôi củng tùng bị như vậy nhưng có cách giải quyết :)

Well, we're listening ; )


Within the same script that instances the scene, I want it to "self destruct" immediately as soon as, in this case, focus_out() happens, so it calls the function nowyouseemenot() within:

func _focus_out():

So within scenewithtween:

func nowyouseemenot():
print ("begone!")

"begone!" is being printed! But the scene is not being destroyed... I tried visible = false as well and for the Child-Node (Sprite) $Sprite.queue_free()... but nothing happens.

What am I missing?

I'd like to add another EDIT:

Pausing appears to fit in this as well. If I pause the game, everything "freezes" properly, except for the instanced scenes - they finish their "cycle" while everything else stands still. So obviously get_tree().paused = true only applies to the scene containing a script with that line but does not apply to any currently instanced scene.
So the question is, how can a currently running instanced scene be integrated into a "pausing"? Any thought on this is much appreciated!

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And Tween.stop_all ( ) doesn't interrupt animation? It is possible to „manually queuefree(). You do just that call queuefree() on Node you added.

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Thanks for your reply, yrtv.

It's more about the whole instanced scene than only the tween within. I wonder how I can "free a whole scene early" while it's still doing something (like a tween animation for example, but anything really). "un-instancing" a scene (even if it's not "finished" yet), if you will... "destroying" it, so to speak.

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