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3D graphics on a computer and on an android are different. Even if you choose a different OpenGl, the graphics are still very different. What settings should I use to make the graphics good on android?

Godot version stable 3.3.3
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Post screenshots.

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That is due to a difference in rendering between desktop and mobile


  • Direct3D (Windows)
  • OpenGL (Unix, MacOSX kinda)


  • OpenGL | ES

OpenGL| ES is a stripped version of OpenGL for obvious reasons because you would not want a full fledged GPU API doing extra calculations on a device limited by a battery.

To get "good graphics" is entirely subjective and will be up to your own creativity.

All the above is not said to discourage, rather to make you understand that there are limits you will have to work within especially on mobile where you need to find the right balance between quality and performance.

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