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I'm trying to let some childnodes collide with each other but they ignore each other
I'm confused but here is my code maybe it's my fault

The Enemy's Code:

func _physics_process(delta: float) -> void:
    var velocity = direction
    velocity.x = direction.x * 150
    move_and_slide(velocity, Vector2.UP)
    var collision = move_and_collide(velocity * delta)
    if collision:
        collision.collider.move_and_collide(velocity * delta)

func _on_VisibilityNotifier2D_screen_exited() -> void:

func _on_Jump_over_Checker_body_shape_entered(body_id: int, body: Node, body_shape: int, local_shape: int) -> void:
    if body.name == "Player":

And the Import of the Scene:

const OBSTACLE = preload("res://Scripts/Enemy.tscn")

func _on_Timer_timeout() -> void:
    var obstacle = OBSTACLE.instance()
    obstacle.position = Vector2((rand_range(500, 1000)), 192)
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