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Hello everyone!
I've read the documentation 4-5 times already, but it is awful when it comes to plugins.
I have the following questions:
1. How do I create a section for my custom node like in this picture?
As you can see, other nodes (such as Node2D) have their own "sections". I want my custom node to have it's own section but it has only the "Node" section (since it inherits from it)

  1. Why my TextEdit instance is so small? I instantiated it with the following code:

    func parsebegin(object):
    var text
    edit = TextEdit.new()
    edit.text = "test"

What I have: https://ibb.co/SXDJr7c
as you can see, its very very small

What I need: https://ibb.co/Yh09BR0

Godot version Godot 3.3.3
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up, can someone help me? Too many questions at once perhaps?

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