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I've been trying to make a clicker game that has survival and fighting mechanics. I store data about the enemies in a JSON file like this:

  "0": {
    "Name": "Tree",
    "Area": "Tree",
    "AmountKilled": 0,
    "Damage": 0,
    "BaseHP": 100,
    "Fatigue": 20,
    "DroppedItem": "Wood"

What i tried to do in a script is get the name and dropped item of the enemy by having:

var EnemyId = 0
var EnemyName = JsonLoader.EnemyData[str(EnemyId)]["Name"]
var DroppedItem = JsonLoader.EnemyData[str(EnemyId)]["DroppedItem"]

this however gives "Invalid get index '0' (on base: 'Dictionary')." as an error when i try to run it.

Here's the JsonLoader too in case it's causing the problem:

extends Node

var EnemyData: Dictionary

func _ready():
    EnemyData = LoadData("res://Data/EnemyData.json")

func LoadData(FilePath):
    var JSONData
    var FileData = File.new()

    FileData.open(FilePath, File.READ)
    JSONData = JSON.parse(FileData.get_as_text())
    return JSONData.result
Godot version v3.2.3
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Usually an "invalid get index" means you're not calling the file correctly, which is often an issue with the filepath or node spelling.

So, it could be that in EnemyData = LoadData("res://Data/EnemyData.json") something is in the wrong folder, or that there's a misspelling somewhere in your code routing to the Dictionary - often something as simple as a capitalization error (Json for JSON, or vice versa).

Hope this helps!

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