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sometimes i get ugly 3d mesh fragments after the 3d scene import in godot in the animations.
Does anybody know why this is, how i could prevent that or how to fix it?
I made this model in blender with armature and key shape animations. Without the key shapes it worked fine, but I've got these fragments before (on other models) just with bone animation.
I used the better collada exporter in blender.

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Did you check the "Triangulate" option in the Better Collada exporter?

Yes, I did that.

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uncheck triangulate option and export again...maybe this will help,Godot converts to tris himself, I never check this when exporting
also, always before the export -Remove Doubles and Recalculate Normals-Outside...just to be sure.

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Yeah! It works without triangulate checked. Thank you so much! Awesome!

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Try exporting with standard collada exporter in blender

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Thank you, but Bishop's answer already solved my problem and the standard collada exporter doesn't export actions, as far as i know.

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