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What the title says, I want my folders in my project to be exported with the executable, instead of the pk file, so that I can edit or change stuff when its in an exported format.

Godot version 3.3.2
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AFAIK folders in a projects always get exported into pck, or not exported. One reason is because some files you put in your project don't exist in the same format once exported, they go through an import process first, which makes them more efficient to load by the engine. Textual scenes and resources also get converted to binary.
What you describe sounds very similar to just shipping an editor build (basically, shipping your project, with the Godot executable inside), although Godot isn't really thought for that use case and importing would still be required somehow.

You may otherwise have to load these files differently, not using res://, because res:// is for resources packaged with the project. In an exported game, importers are not included as well, so you will have to do some manual work if you want texture compression for example.

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Project -> Export -> Select your template -> "Resources" tab.
You just need to exclude your folder from the project so you can get its content using something like:

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