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I have a scene that looks like this:

Level1a (Node2d)
Ground (tilemap)
Player (instance of player scene)
HUD(instance of HUD scene with the parent node being a canvas layer to show score)
(all of the above are children of Level1a node)

While i was building the Level1a I was able to successfully place the ground(grass) , the walls and the items. When I added the Player scene I was able to walk around and see of all the items on the screen. However, when I added the HUD the items no longer show up on the screen. Although invisible now I can pick the items up and the score does adjust. How can I get the items to be visible.

I am new at this so bare with me

Godot version v3.3.2
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How strange that it covers the items but not the other tilemaps or the player, do you have any code in a script that for some condition makes them invisible? You can try putting the hud on a separate layer, for that make it a child of a canvas layer. You are going to have to update the references to the hud.

thanks for the reply. The HUD scene parent node is a canvas layer. There is code that when the item is picked up it does disappear (assuming it is visible to begin with) but they aren't showing up to begin with.

If you turn only the HUD invisible (like clicking the eye icon on the node tree), does the everything else show up normally? If yes, then something of this HUD is completely covering the scene, so you'll have to check its nodes.

Can you say how the HUD's node setup is? Does it have anything that covers the whole viewport?

A third thing to look into is your script. See if there's anything that sets a node to "visible = false".

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