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If I have two nodes, can I connect the signal of one node to a function of the other? For example, button pressed connected to AnimationPlayer.play, or something like that? I know that I can connect them in a script, but the problem is that I want to avoid using a script. I can do this:

Button.connect("pressed", $AnimationPlayer, "play")

Can't remember whether the above is correct syntax, but I've used this before and it works. problem is I want to do this without a script, but I can't because in the signal connection GUI it doesn't let me select anything because there is no script.
Any tips?

Godot version 3.3.2
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I have just found a solution to this, it's a bit unintuitive but leaving it up in case it helps someone else.

if you toggle the advanced switch, it will allow you to select the node and then simply type in the function you want to attach it to. You can also add your arguments, if there are any, in the new dialogue.

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