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I'm being told to use functions like newgame and gameover, but I can't find them in Godot's GDScript documentation. Where are these functions coming from? Are they a part of the node, listed somewhere else? I'm assuming this is a dumb question, but I'm so confused about where to learn all these functions and how they work outside of the tutorial.

I learned Game Maker a looooong time ago, and as a teen I'd just endlessly read the list of variables and functions like I was reading the dictionary. But I can't find something similar for these functions.

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There are no built-in functions called new_game() or game_over() in Godot.

I don't know where "being told" about these, but if it's in a tutorial, then they are likely functions that are defined in the tutorial.

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You're right, I kept following the tutorial utterly confused and it did eventually connect those to signals. I appreciate the tutorial's notes and tips but the few times when something goes totally unexplained like that, just a "do it and move on", feels like I'm missing something and becomes overwhelming for someone new to all of this... I have a literal headache. At least hopefully this will show up for the next person frantically googling what these functions mean.

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