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I'm unable to run the 32bit version on my computer, which has 64bit Windows 10.

I can download the 64bit version from the website and it will work fine, but I would like to use the Steam version, which has only the 32bit version for some reason.

Why isn't Godot's 64bit version available on Steam?

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Because Windows is 10 years behind macOS and 15 years behind Linux, and still doesn't promote 64-bit as much as it should, so it's the norm to distribute Win32 applications, which incidentally work just fine on Windows 64-bit.

So far there hasn't been much demand for 64-bit Windows binaries so we haven't pushed them to Steam, but we might if there is community interest.

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The question is: Why is he unable to run the 32bit version?

That's not the case, in a Steam thread he mentioned he can run the 32bit version if he browses to the Steam directory. It's just the Steam lib messing things up.

Ah okay. Didn't know that.

I can actually think of two great reasons, although they may not be of immediate importance:

  • Increased Address Space: (I could see games, these days at least, needing more than 2/4 GiB of RAM)

  • Future proofing in case the developers decide to add support for 64-bit positioning (I have no idea if that's even on the radar or not)

It's not incidental that 32-bit works on 64-bit Windows, it's intentional and the result of a lot of foresight. The opposite of being "behind". You can still compile something on Windows XP 32-bit and have it run on Windows 10 64-bit, and vice versa. Try doing that on a Linux system!

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