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I'm unable to run the 32bit version on my computer, which has 64bit Windows 10.

I can download the 64bit version from the website and it will work fine, but I would like to use the Steam version, which has only the 32bit version for some reason.

Why isn't Godot's 64bit version available on Steam?

asked Jan 3, 2017 in Engine by RobotUnderscore (30 points)

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Because Windows is 10 years behind macOS and 15 years behind Linux, and still doesn't promote 64-bit as much as it should, so it's the norm to distribute Win32 applications, which incidentally work just fine on Windows 64-bit.

So far there hasn't been much demand for 64-bit Windows binaries so we haven't pushed them to Steam, but we might if there is community interest.

answered Jan 4, 2017 by Akien (1,855 points)

The question is: Why is he unable to run the 32bit version?

That's not the case, in a Steam thread he mentioned he can run the 32bit version if he browses to the Steam directory. It's just the Steam lib messing things up.

Ah okay. Didn't know that.

I can actually think of two great reasons, although they may not be of immediate importance:

  • Increased Address Space: (I could see games, these days at least, needing more than 2/4 GiB of RAM)

  • Future proofing in case the developers decide to add support for 64-bit positioning (I have no idea if that's even on the radar or not)

It's not incidental that 32-bit works on 64-bit Windows, it's intentional and the result of a lot of foresight. The opposite of being "behind". You can still compile something on Windows XP 32-bit and have it run on Windows 10 64-bit, and vice versa. Try doing that on a Linux system!

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