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I've been using godot for maybe a month, so now i'm trying to make a Megaman Fan game. And just like in Megaman, i wanna that in my game, when a enemie dies, he'll drop a little consumable item that spawn at the enemie position and then fell until it hits the floor.

I have used an Area2D node to create the item, and it worked, the problem is that i don't know how to apply gravity to that Area2D to make the item fall. How do i do that?

Note: Forgive my English, it's not my mother language

Godot version v. 3.3.2
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Update: If anyone here still have the same problem that i had. Watch out for the collision mask task bar.

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put the area2D in a rigidbody and give it add_central_force(Vector2(-10,0)

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Thank you so much for answer, you help a lot with that

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