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I'm starting work on a large (like in space) open-world game. I know the problems with open worlds that size (like precision and such), but that's beside the point.
I wonder if 4.x will be able to support such a large open world?
I love Godot and would love to use it for this project. But I think I might be better off with unreal for that. Right?

Godot version 4.x
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Godot 4.0 will have more features that let it scale to more advanced 3D projects. However, it will not feature things such as a built-in terrain system, so it's expected that add-ons still fill in the gap in that regard.

That said, remember that open world games are often developed with a budget in the millions of dollars due to the sheer amount of assets that need to be created. If you do not have this budget, trying to develop an open world game may not be a good idea, regardless of the engine.

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The open-world I want to generate with procedural generation. I have built a marching cubes algorithm before. Wanna do something like that for this. It's basically just an experiment. If It turns out fun, who knows. Maybe I'll make it into A Game.

Look into the Godot Voxel module for 3.x: https://github.com/Zylann/godot_voxel

There's examples of popular low budget open world games such as The Long Drive. I'm quite sure Godot 4 can support a game like that. What you said about large budgets is true though.

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