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So basically I'd like to fix a part of my HUD to a part of the screen. Kind of like every game right? The camera follows the player but the HUD stays in a fixed position.

One bonus if I may. I've set those floor instances each to the same group in the node->groups but they are not getting grouped... I've tried adding the same group to the parent node. Or do I just need to create a empty node and just toss them all there? I mean to visually group them in the editor under the same category.

asked Dec 31, 2016 in Engine by spacingnix (23 points)

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You want to create a CanvasLayer node, and put those controls in there.

answered Dec 31, 2016 by avencherus (4,833 points)
selected Dec 31, 2016 by spacingnix

Note that CanvasLayers do not render to viewports with rendertarget on (just saying).

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