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I’m on linux mint (Ubuntu 20.04 focal) and, (because I like making things needlessly difficult for myself,) I compiled Godot 3.3.2-stable (mono) from source on a separate linux machine. The engine itself is working great, however whenever I open a c# script in Visual Studio Code the c# extension (Omnisharp) throws the following error: The SDK 'Godot.NET.Sdk/3.3.0' specified could not be found.

A little googling implies the engine itself is supposed to be downloading Godot.NET.Sdk when I set the editor to use Visual Studio Code. However that doesn’t seem to be happening, I’m guessing this is either because I compiled it from source, or more likely because I manually installed the dotnet sdk on this computer and subsequently don’t have Nuget.

It looks like I could compile Godot.NET.Sdk from the source here: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/tree/3.3/modules/mono/editor/Godot.NET.Sdk however before I go ahead keep arbitrarily making things difficult for myself, I thought I’d check if I’m on the right track here, and more importantly, where I should actually put Godot.NET.Sdk when I have it?

Godot version v3.3.2-stable.mono.custom_build
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